Flip Box

Flip Box is a plugin (addon) for Page Builder with 28+ admin options.
“Flip Box” has 4 flip styles with 4 flip directions. The styles are 3D, Slide, Rotate and Fade.
All except the Fade style have 4 directions- up, bottom, left, right.

Flip Front Text

Flex is a visually rich template design with seamlessly integrated interactive and animated elements.

Flip Back Text

Beautifully designed template to give your site a stunning and unique lookwith incredible functionality.

Flex is Awesome!

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3D Flip Style on “Click”

“3D Flip Style” enables you to place a page element with 3D flip effects from four directions (up, bottom, left and right).
You can define them from the addon settings, and get the result in the output with clicking on the front.

Flexible Strategy

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Flip Back Text

Ultimate control with the intuitive template manager and a highly user friendly interface.

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Astoundingly Awesome!

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Rotate Flip Style on “Hover” and “Click”

Using the “Rotate style”, you can literally make your content move round your mouse cursor.
It feels like a light nifty card rotating by gentle air. You can add different information on the both sides of the card.

“Slide” and “Fade” Styles on “Hover” and “Click”

“Sliding” style can add a great aesthetic on some specific elements on your web page, with smooth and multi-directional sliding effects,
where “Fade” style has a smooth fade transition effect.

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